Holistic Health Care, Yoga and Meditation: Creating a Happier You

Holistic health care, yoga, and meditation go hand in hand when creating a happier, healthier person. Focusing on the mind, body, and spirit is the core of holistic health care; tying it together with yoga and meditation is a way to become a better person.

Throughout this article, we will discuss holistic health care, yoga, and meditation and examine their effects on a person’s well-being.

Holistic Health Care  

Holistic health care may seem like a new idea, but it has existed since ancient times. Holistic health focuses on viewing the whole body and mind, not just the ailment that is bothering you.

This approach takes the mind, body, and soul and sees how they are interconnected. Holistic health considers how one part of your life may be affecting other areas of your life.

Take, for example, stress. Stress is known to take a toll on your mental abilities. It is also known to affect your physical body as well. Stress can cause a person to have aches and pains and not be able to sleep while also driving their mind to race and have sporadic thoughts.

Holistic health care would examine all of these factors instead of just prescribing a sleeping pill and calling it a day.


Yoga is a set of posture-based poses focusing on fitness, breath, and meditation. Its origins are in ancient India, and many forms of yoga have developed.

It is a practice that continues to grow and evolve while maintaining the core of fitness-based poses. Yoga has core principles, philosophy, and poses. Each style of yoga builds upon those principles, poses, and philosophy.

There are several styles of yoga. In the West, asanas are the primary type of yoga practiced. The poses used in yoga as an exercise are known as asanas. Asanas and yoga philosophy improve a person’s mind, body, and overall wellness.

People worldwide practice various types of yoga for their overall health. The modern yoga that most people know and use today focuses on exercise, flexibility, relaxation, strength, and agility.


Meditation is a technique people have been using for centuries to train their minds into a state of calmness.

Several meditation techniques are available, such as mindfulness, loving-kindness, breath awareness, mantra, and guided meditation.

Each of these techniques has its unique style, but its goal is to be more aware and connected to the mind and body and achieve a state of tranquility.

In mindfulness meditation, people focus on being non-judgemental and becoming more aware and mindful of their surroundings.

Loving-kindness meditation focuses on spreading kindness to others and yourself.

Breath awareness meditation focuses on the breath and consciousness while being aware of thoughts that come and go.

Mantra meditation is repeating a word or phrase to override the negative thoughts or judgments in one’s mind and replace them with positive reflections.

Finally, guided meditation is listening to and following a live person or a recording and letting them lead you through a meditation.

People can use each of these meditations together or separately. Some may work better than others for certain people.

On the other hand, some people like to use them all. Meditation is about being mindful and aware while being less judgemental towards oneself and others.

Holistic Health, Yoga, and Meditation

Holistic health care, yoga, and meditation all focus on improving the overall well-being of an individual. They tie in together and focus on the person as a whole and not just one part of the person.

Yoga and meditation work in tandem with each other to help improve the mind, body, and soul of someone.

Holistic health care concentrates on improving the quality of life for a person—yoga and meditation work hand in hand with holistic health care.

In conclusion, holistic health care, yoga, and meditation can lead to a happier life. Your mind, body, and spirit make you who you are, so why only focus on one part when you can focus on the whole person?

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